Early trial Mdina ‘Japanese’ Vase by Michael Harris

A unique very early ‘Trial’ Mdina vase for what ultimately became the ‘Japanese Vase’ made solely by Michael Harris. The construction shows the early similar characteristics of colour dipping as used in the iconic ‘Fish Vase’ but used in a different manner where the green colour has been substituted for the clear glass double dipped ‘wings’. Not obvious in the images but both sides have been flattened as with the lollipop section of a fish vase. The yellow gold is nicely dotted with tiny seeds of Silver from the silver chloride used for that colour. Also incorporating hundreds of captured bubbles.

Size: 6.5″ high x 6.25” wide x 5” deep (17cm x 16cm x 12.5cm)

Stock Number: 024193
Price: £395.00
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