Merzbach & Falk 1881 Globe by Greaves & Thomas.

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A classic example of a political and physical globe as wpuld be used in a Victorian School Room, it has impressed company mark to the base.

Despite the fact that this globe was originally made by one of the Netherlands most prolific globemakers, there are no known surviving examples.

This facsimile globe comprises a solid brass meridian, the globe is supported by two stamped washers and two cup washers, two brass finials secure the axis at the poles. ward winning Globemakers Greaves & Thomas are a small company based in the United Kingdom, today they make Historical Globes, Celestial Globes, Lunar Globes, Planetary Globes, Facsimile Globes, Replica Globes, Themed Globes, Paper Folding Globes, and Modern Day Globes.

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