Large Pair of Tuscan Terracotta Corinthian Columns

Large Pair of Tuscan Terracotta Corinthian Columns

Code: 024294


W: 32.5cm (12.8")H: 83cm (32.7")D: 32.5cm (12.8")


A wonderful handsome pair of Corinthian shaped terracotta pedestals for the garden or inside the home if preferred. They would look great used as plinths for a bust, vase of flowers or urns as illustrated, they are wonderful pieces.

Imported from  “Impruneta in Italy” and handmade using the famous “Galestro” mix of clay.

Measures 83cm tall, 32.5cm square base and 31cm diameter round top

This particular Terracotta from Impruneta in Tuscany distinguishes itself from other types of earthenware due to the chemical composition of the clay used in its production. The “galestro”, a mix of clay and calcium carbonate, renders the product extremely resistant to freezing conditions and other weather extremes. These qualities make Impruneta’s terracotta a prestigious product of high quality.
The manufacture of Impruneta terracotta dates back to Etruscan times. Subsequently, during the Renaissance period, many artists used Impruneta terracotta in the creation of their masterpieces; for example Brunelleschi’s famous dome in Florence is covered with terracotta tiles from Impruneta.