Mdina Glass Ice Cut 'Lollipop' Vase c1970's

Mdina Glass Ice Cut 'Lollipop' Vase c1970's

Code: 024212


W: 12.5cm (4.9")H: 18cm (7.1")D: 6cm (2.4")


An attractive 'Lollipop' vase in the traditional blue/green colourway which was developed to represent the 'Sea and Sand' for the visitors to Malta in the 1970's. Ice cut to one side, meaning this side is flattened in a 'V' shape.

Measures 18cm tall, 12.5cm wide and 6cm deep

Mdina Glass was founded in Malta by Michael Harris with business partner Eric Dobson in 1968, he subsequently moved back to the UK in 1972 to set up Isle of Wight Glass. We have several pieces of both Mdina and Isle of Wight Glass for sale.