Perthshire Paperweights Glass Vase 1960's

Perthshire Paperweights Glass Vase 1960's

Code: 024492


H: 17cm (6.7")Di: 14cm (5.5")




A very beautiful Perthshire Paperweights studio art glass vase using the "end of day" or "scramble" glassmaking technique.  For years, glass studios worldwide would make art glass using leftover coloured glass canes at the end of day.  They would scramble the canes together and melt them into the design.  This scrambled style became very popular with collectors.  This Perthshire art glass vase is an excellent example of the scramble technique in glassmaking.   

Perthshire Paperweights is renowned for making fine art glass and their glass is highly prized by collectors.  Their artisans created art glass of millefiori and other antique French styles.  The company was founded in Crieff, Scotland in 1968 and the artists soon became known for their artistry and superb glass work.  

Around 1992, Perthshire began producing a line of art glass designed after the Monart Art Glass line made by the famous Ysart family at John Moncrieff Ltd between 1921 - 1961.  According to a published source, this Perthshire art glass vase is from that line and is marked accordingly.  There is not much information about this line but it appears to be more of an experimental line with no records about number of pieces produced, etc.   This art glass had Perthshire labels but these fall off through the years.  Some pieces had an "impressed P" and some were not marked.