Limited Ed Print of George Watson's College by Michael Peter Gill

Limited Ed Print of George Watson's College by Michael Peter Gill

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A limited Edition print (no17 of 250) of a tinted pen and ink drawing by Michael Peter Gill dated 1982 of George Watson's College in Edinburgh, showing the site plan of the buildings at that time together with inset drawings of it in earlier years.

Michael Gill went to Aberdeen Grammar where his artistic talents were acknowledged when he won the school’s Samuel Pope Medal for Art and a much coveted place in 1956 at Gray’s School of Art, where, by the age of 23, he gained a postgraduate diploma.

Thereafter he was selected along with the brightest and best of graduates from Scotland’s four art colleges to complete a summer residency at Hospitalfield House outside Arbroath. 

On his discharge from National Service in 1959 Mike got a taste for teaching by working in schools in Aberdeenshire. After gaining a teaching qualification at Moray House School of Education in Edinburgh he took up a post in 1962 as art teacher at Madras College in St Andrews, a few years later being promoted to special assistant.

Ultimately becoming the head of art at George Watson's College, he took charge of not only the art curriculum but also all things of artistic merit and value in and around the school.

On his arrival at the college in 1971, he gladly accepted this duty. He was a gifted artist himself and a connoisseur of all things fine in the arts including music and architecture.